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The era we are living in is an era with rapid technological development. One proof of this unbelievably rapid development is the need of a website for proper marketing of every business which was not necessary a few years ago .In fact, nowadays, no business that does not have a website can be considered successful no matter how much it is earning. If you are one of such businessmen who do not have their business website and so are nowhere to be found over the World Wide Web. So, if you have now decided to market your business across the globe by having made a beautiful website that could attract the people to your products and services you can rely on the competent employees working with us in the platinum package offered by our company you have the facility of 40 web pages of your choice. Our company strives to facilitate our clients by offering two different website design concepts that are made by two different designers. A brand logo is used to standout in the ocean of brands and in our platinum package we provide our customer with one custom design logo. The rotating jQuery banner included in your website helps simplifies the computer language HTML. Our expert website designers allow you 15 pictures of the stock, and a free .com domain. We provide our valued customers with one year’s free web hosting and 15 email accounts. If the content of a website is irrelevant and is not updated regularly there is no use of having a website, to deal with this issue our company provides you with free content management. You are allowed to make 15 email accounts. The details of your website is provided to all the popular and commonly used search engines by our company so that it becomes an optimized websites easily. The website designing platinum package contains 3 forms. You can even get your design on CD ROM but for this you will have to make a special request. Delivering ones work on time is our top most priority but we do not let it affect the quality of our work. The turnaround time for different packages varies but for the platinum package we need a little bit more time and so our turnaround time is 8 business days in the platinum package offer there are many pre-installed website widgets. There is one more thing that differentiates the platinum package from others and that is the availability of email marketing support for the period of six months. We offer you all these services at the most affordable rates have a website that does not need up gradation every now and then try our services and stay free of stress.

Platinum Package


It gives you more options that you can mix and match. Be it website or logo each design element will portray a unified brand appearance

  • 40 Web Pages of your choice
  • 2 Website Design Concepts by 2 Designers
  • 1 Custom logo design concept
  • Rotating jQuery banner
  • 3 Forms
  • Up to 15 Stock Photos
  • Free .Com Domain Name
  • Free 12 Months Web Hosting
  • 15 Email accounts
  • Free Content Management
  • Free Search Engine Submission to Popular Search Engines
  • 8 Days Turnaround Time
  • 06 Months Email Marketing Support
  • Design on CD ROM (upon request)
  • Pre-installed website widgets