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Designing a user friendly website needs a lot of expertise and dedication and if you own a business that needs a proper website for its marketing you should hire a website designer who is the expert in his job. We have a team of creative people who know how to make a website that could take your business to the new level of success in the shortest of time for a years to come. There is a variety of website design packages so that you could choose what suits you the best. The website design gold package is the best to choose for small business that is in its initial stages. There are a number of tools with the gold package that you can get free of charge. There are many concepts according to which a website for your company is designed and the website design gold package provides you with the only one choice of the website design concepts. The gold package that we offer provides you with a free domain name ending with .com. We provide our customers with one years’ free web hosting and ten free email addresses. If you want your website to look unique yet elegant and easy to use you may come to us and get the website made by our creative team who is well aware of the changing trends in the market and make every effort to satisfy their customers with their punctuality and excellent designing. The website is user friendly and the visitors love visiting it often. Our team of creative people keeps the clients updated about the development of the website and that is the reason we provide our customers with gold package with websites they like. The website we provide under gold package consists of 15 webpages of your choice. We offer free stationary to our customers and an inquiry form too, we even send the search engine submissions to the most common search engines like google, yahoo and Bing. The servers that we use for your websites are so efficient that all the pages open easily in seconds, our experts are well aware of the fact that the sites that take too long to load prove to be irritating for the users  instead of attracting visitors they repel them. Our team of highly qualified professional are known for their punctuality and deliver your task within 5 working days. We provide our clients with free content management. In case a client is not satisfied with the work we provide him complete money back guarantee. Our employees welcome the suggestions given by the clients and try to use them while designing the website.

Gold Packge


A perfect start in the business world requires a Gold web design, and our Premium website package.

  • 15 Web Pages of your choice
  • 1 Website design concept
  • 1 Custom logo design concept
  • Rotating jQuery banner
  • 2 Forms
  • Up to 10 Stock Photos
  • Free .Com Domain Name
  • Free 12 Months Web Hosting
  • 10 Email accounts
  • Free Content Management
  • Free Search Engine Submission to Popular Search Engines
  • 5 Days Turnaround Time
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*