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The latest trend in social media marketing is that of video advertising. It is the most beneficial of all advertising plans of most of the companies that are striving for social media recognition on the global level. There are many reasons behind the fact that more and more companies are trying to make animation videos for the promotion of their business. Though many people claim that they know how to create an animation but when they are asked to do so they  reluctant. We as a company of professional IT experts can help you in the making of video animations that could easily meet your marketing needs and earn your brand the recognition that many businessmen only dream of. According to the marketing experts an impressive video ad can directly lead your business to increased sales. According to some studies conducted about the impact of video ads on the consumer almost 74% of the people who watched a well-crafted ad that explained the product properties ultimately bought the product. We provide our customers with excellent video animation ad making services. We provide our valued customers with 1 video concept that we use to make an animation video for youth animation should not exceed 60 seconds duration. According to most of the businesses who have already used animation ads for their promotion, the videos and animation videos provide excellent return on investment. So, to get the best return on your investment the best option is to hire our services and get a video of your choice. We use full 2D motion graphics to make your animation video more impressive. Our highly qualified team of experts are experienced in branding, planning and making your brand identity possible. They are experts in animation, video writing and video developing. Our professional staff has already catered the advertising needs of many big brands from across the globe. We offer all the services at unbelievably affordable rates as compared to other service providers. Mostly the storyboard and the background music is included in the video animation package, even the special sound effects that are used to enhance the quality of the animation. The voice over of the animation is also included in the package. Our competent workers are always looking for new innovative ideas and if you have something in mind you are free to share your idea with the head of our creative team. The team makes every effort needed to include your plans and suggestions in their own plan. There are many companies who do not offer any revisions of the video animations but our company provides open offer to the client to revise the video up to five times so that you could edit it according to your requirements. Our delivery time for animation videos is approximately three weeks.

Video Animation


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  • 1 video concept
  • 5 Revisions
  • 60 seconds duration (or less)
  • Full 2D motion graphics
  • Storyboard included
  • Background music included
  • Sound Effects Included
  • 3 Weeks delivery time (Tentative)
  • Voiceover included
  • Additional charges for Script