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VIDEO AD FOR YOUTUBE The most popular source of promotion for today is that of video advertising and that too which is done over the internet and not TV. In fact the most popular way of marketing that has proved very effective is the ads that are uploaded to the most popular sharing platform over the internet known as YouTube. There is a term that is used about the things that spread across the online world like a jungle fire, especially the video content that is viewed by millions of people in the shortest of time after its upload in called a viral video. If you are a business owner but still have not used the best ever video sharing place like YouTube you have lacking something very important. Once you meet us you won’t be able to stay away from any modern source of advertising that could help your business flourish. We help you get recognition through the video ads that we make for you. We have a team of creative and qualified professionals who have years of experience in ad making and have the expertise to work with different languages. Video ad for YouTube is a package that we offer for the convenience of our clients who are striving to get worldwide recognition through the video advertising that is considered the most effective source to get recognized across the globe. We offer our clients with one voice over concept per video ad. Allow three revisions per ad, but the video should not be more than one 20 seconds, the longer is the video the less is its impact. We have a variety of male voices as well as female voices, we even have a variety of kids voices that are mostly used for the animation ads that are made about the products used by the kids. We have voices of all textures to suit the needs of the ads of different products, for example, a soft female voice will suit a cosmetic ad but the same wont suit the ad of a tire or a shaving make an ad about products used by males a manly heavy voice will be more suitable. You just ask for it and we have it for you. The language experts hired by our company help every client select the accent of his choice for the voice over of the video ad for YouTube. We provide our customers with full 2D motion graphics. The Video Ad for YouTube package that we offer has both storyboard and background music included in it. There are several different sound effects that our experts use in the making of your video ads. The package also has the facility of voice over video.

Video Ad For YouTube


Video ads attract more viewership than any other ads – it’s a fact

  • 1 video concept
  • 3 Revisions
  • Up to 20 seconds duration
  • Full 2D motion graphics
  • Storyboard included
  • Background music included
  • Sound Effects Included
  • 2 Weeks delivery time
  • Voiceover Included (Male or Female)